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A4tech Bloody 820R LS RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


A4tech Bloody 975 LS Optical Gaming Computer Keyboard


A4Tech Bloody B150N Neon Light Gaming Keyboard


A4tech bloody B3590r 8 LS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


A4tech Bloody B500 ML 5-Zone Neon Illuminate Gaming Keyboard


A4Tech Bloody B875N LS Gaming Keyboard Mechanical


A4tech Bloody Q130 Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Combo


A4tech Bloody Q135 illuminate Gaming Keyboard


Bloody B160N 5-Zone Neon Lighting Illuminate Gaming Keyboard


Bloody B885N LS Gaming Keyboard Full Mechanical


Bloody B930 keyboard Optical Switch Gaming TKL RGB LED Backlit


Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard, LIGHTSYNC RGB Backlit Keys, Spill-Resistant, Customizable Keys, Dedicated Multi-Media Keys


Logitech K120 Ergonomic Desktop USB Wired Keyboard


Logitech K270 Wireless Full-Size Number Pad 8 Multimedia Keys Keyboard 2.4 GHz Wireless


Logitech K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mobile Stand Combo


Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard Control and Easy-Switch up to 3 Devices


Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch TV Keyboard With Easy Media Control and Built-in Touchpad, Keyboard for PC-connected TV, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Laptop, Tablet


Logitech MK235 Wireless Combo Keyboard With Mouse


Logitech MK270R Wireless Combo Keyboard With Mouse


Logitech MK275 Wireless Combo Keyboard With Mouse


Numeric Keypad For Laptop


Remax Wireless Keyboard And Mouse 2.4GHZ XII-MK802


Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Ultra Thin Combo K03 – White


XXL Large Gaming Mouse Pad 800×300×4mm, PC Gaming Accessories, Keyboard Desk Mat for Computer Gamer


Learning About Keyboard in Pakistan

What is a keyboard in a computer ?

A keyboard is for putting information including letters, words and numbers into your computer. You press the individual buttons on the keyboard when you type. The number keys across the top of the keyboard are also found on the right of the keyboard. The letter keys are in the center of the keyboard.

What is a keyboard in a laptop ?

A keyboard is for putting information including letters, words and numbers into your computer. You press the individual buttons on the keyboard when you type. The number keys across the top of the keyboard are also found on the right of the keyboard.

When keyboard is not working on laptop ?

An outdated or corrupt driver could be the reason your keyboard isn’t working.

Step 1: Right-click on Start and select Device Manager.

Step 2: Expand Keyboards.

Step 3: Right-click on the affected keyboard and select Update driver

What to do if water gets on keyboard ?

The QWERTY arrangement was intended to reduce the jamming of typebars as they moved to strike ink on paper. Separating certain letters from each other on the keyboard reduced the amount of jamming.

Can I spray my laptop keyboard with water ?

Wipe the keyboard using a, clean, lint-free microfiber cloth that’s lightly dampened with only water. Avoid getting moisture directly into any of the openings. Never spray water directly on the keyboard. To remove debris from between the keys, use a can of compressed air for laptop keyboards cleaning in pakistan.

Why is the keyboard QWERTY and not ABC ?

The ‘qwerty’ keyboard was designed for use on typewriters so that frequently used letters were spread apart, avoiding clashing or jamming of the most used ‘hammers’.

How do I enable my keyboard ?

Go to Start , then select Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard, and turn on the On-Screen Keyboard toggle. A keyboard that can be used to move around the screen and enter text will appear on the screen.

What are the 4 types of keyboard ?

There are four major types of Computer Keyboard used worldwide depending on their size and numbers of keys are QWERTY, AZERTY, DVORAK and QWERTZ.

How many types of keys are there in a laptop keyboard ?

The five types of keys on a keyboard are alphabet keys, number keys, special keys, function keys, and navigation keys.

What are the 3 main types of keyboards ?

The various types of computer keyboards typically used by computer users for different purposes are a qwerty keyboard, a gaming keyboard, a virtual keyboard and a multimedia keyboard.

Can laptop keyboards keys be repaired ?

If the keycap is loose but still attached to the laptop, it can often be fixed by pressing down on the keycap. If the keycap re-attaches, a snap while pressing the key down is heard. If this does not fix the issue, we suggest removing the key so it can be re-attached. The re-attachment process is detailed below.

What causes a laptop keyboard keys to stop working?

Dust, dirt, hair, and other debris can fall into the keyboard over time and obstruct a key’s movement or interfere with its circuitry. Try removing the key that isn’t working, and clean the area under and around it.

Details about keyboard

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